An air purifier with an ultraviolet lamp is an effective solution for destroying viruses and bacteria in a room in the presence of people

Certified device for air purification from viruses and bacteria from the manufacturer! Without ozone!

The UV-V100 UV lamp air purifier manufactured by Medical Education Technology Ltd is a modern, safe and effective device for disinfection of indoor air in the presence of humans and animals.

The recirculator for air disinfection with a closed UV bactericidal lamp UV-V100 destroys 99.9% of dust mites, allergens of pets, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 coronavirus, mold spores, fungus. Suitable for use in nurseries, schools, homes, offices, factories, hospitals.

The warranty is 2 years or 9000 hours of operation of the device.

Our disinfection and air purification systems are both portable and wall mounted.

Модул за дезинфекция на въздух UV-V100

The UV-V100 air disinfection module from Medical Education Technology Ltd. is one of the most effective and safe indoor air purifiers.

Lightweight and small in size portable air disinfection recirculator with UV lamp UV-V100 is quick to install and easy to use (operated just by an on/off button).

One device for cleaning the air from viruses and bacteria UV100 is designed for rooms with an area of up to 100m2. with a consumption of only 40W.

Unlike most germicidal lamps, we use ozone-free technology! UV-V100 lamp for cleaning and disinfection is manufactured based on the "closed type" technology (special grilles do not allow the output of UV radiation). People can safely stay indoors while UV-V100 disinfection device for air purification is in continuous use.

Eco-friendly air disinfection systems without chemicals


Every year, a significant number of people die from infections and viruses; 40-60% of these deaths can be prevented. Hand and surface hygiene is a very effective prevention, still many viruses, bacteria and spores remain in the air. Therefore, we decided to create an air disinfection system that is eco-friendly and safe for people, animals and plants. Our system does not use chemicals, does not generate ozone and is the most affordable and safe means for cleaning and disinfecting indoor air.

The main goal of Medical Education Technology company

We are a company that provides environmentally friendly and effective solutions for cleaning and disinfecting the air we breathe inside the premises (homes, offices, manufacturing plants, children's institutions). Our main task is to ensure the purification and disinfection of the air from all types of pollutants (bacteria, viruses, spores, mites, fungus).

Suitable for any room

A recirculator for air disinfection fitted with a bactericidal UV lamp UV-V100 has a wide range of uses and application; provides a safe, efficient and economical cleaning and disinfection of air, and is suitable for almost any premises. The device reduces the total number of microorganisms, including viruses and mold spores, in a room of 35 m2 by 10 times in just 15 minutes of operation (Confirmed by a laboratory study of an accredited European laboratory).

The device with a bactericidal lamp for UV disinfection of air in the presence of people UV-V100 is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of air in any premises up to 100 m2, such as: hospital wards, medical offices, nurseries, school offices, nursing homes, massage parlors, hairdressers, apartments, houses, offices.

The use of bactericidal UV lamps against COVID-19

UV-V100 professional indoor air disinfection systems are designed for use in medical centers, hospitals, clinics, emergency departments, operating rooms, dental offices, sterilization units, diagnostic and laboratory rooms, children's and educational institutions, industrial premises, kitchens, food halls, warehouses, offices, homes and all rooms where there is a potential danger of the spread of airborne infections (including COVID-19).

The revolutionary design of the UV-V100 closed UV bactericidal recirculator ensures efficient, safe air disinfection with minimal energy consumption and complete absence of operating costs.

Technical characteristics of UV lamps for disinfection of premises

The body materialPVC, which is treated with reflective materials from the inside
Operating temperature0…+40
Power, W40
Voltage, V220 (50 Hz)
LampT8 15W TUBE Germicidian
Air volume (fan), m3/h80
Noise dB51
Size , mm750 X 115 X 115
Weight, kg1,3
Lamp life cycle (up to 75% power reduction), hours9000

Why do customers choose an air purifier with UV-V100 UV lamp and not another air purifier:

  • The closed-type bactericidal irradiator UV-V100 is portable and versatile.
  • Work efficiency and safety are confirmed by the protocol of the laboratory of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • CE certified
  • Designed for air purification from viruses (including Covid - 19), bacteria, mold and fungus spores, pet allergens, dust mites.
  • Lightweight, quiet and economical.
  • The UV-V100 air purifier is completely safe for people, animals, birds and plants.
  • The UV-V100 air and surface disinfection system does not require additional costs during operation.
  • Durability and reliability - the UV-V100 bactericidal recirculator/irradiator is made of high-quality material that allows for all types of disinfection. Resistant to shocks and environmental influences.
  • Ease of assembly and installation - a special fastening system is used. The UV lamp can be mounted to the wall in a few minutes or simply placed in a suitable place on a stand.
  • Quiet fan - noise like from an air conditioner.
  • Easy maintenance - The UV-V100 air purifier is equipped with an easy-to-use reusable filter. It is possible to install an additional filter.
  • We guarantee 9000 hours of work at a constant rate. Suitable for use in schools, nurseries, homes, offices, manufacturing plants at a constant intensity of working time.
  • Highly effective - briefly disinfects indoor air - up to 100 m3/h.
  • The UV-V100 bactericidal lamp for air disinfection in the presence of a person does not produce harmful emissions and can be continuously used indoors.


Prices for UV-V100 air purifier. We offer preferential prices for air purifiers for dealers and wholesale buyers.

  • 175 EUR


A recirculator for air disinfection with a UV lamp UV-V100 is an air purification system using ultraviolet rays. The air flow circulates in the housing and is irradiated with an ultraviolet lamp. This process is based on the well-known property of ultraviolet radiation, in which UV radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm can destroy the genetic material of irradiated cells. This applies to all microorganisms in the air (bacteria, microbes, mold, viruses). A silent fan pumps air into the device and exposes it to strong UV radiation. Then clean air returns to the environment. Ultraviolet rays only work in the lamp. This protects people's health from negative impacts. The lamp has successfully passed functional tests and research, proving its effectiveness in destroying bacteria, viruses, microbes, mold and mildew up to 99.99%, as well as its safety to humans.

The device’s operation is based on the principle of a recirculator: a fan draws air through the housing, which contains an ultraviolet lamp and ultraviolet light destroys the DNA of harmful bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

The device is completely safe for people, pets and plants. UV-V100 is a closed-type bactericidal recirculator, which uses a 254 nm narrow-spectrum lamp without ozone generation. The safety of the UV-V100 air purifier is confirmed by the protocol of the Accredited European Laboratory of the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria.

Yes, the device is effective against Covid-19 coronavirus. Ultraviolet radiation destroys the DNA bonds of the virus. This is confirmed by the protocol of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The UV-V100 air disinfection module can be simply placed on a high surface, such as a cabinet, or fixed to a wall (horizontally or vertically) or ceiling at a height of more than 2 meters above floor level. The package includes a mounting kit. This is very easy to do, since the weight of the device is only 1.3 kg.

It all depends on the size of the room and the number of people passing through it. The number of viruses (including Covid-19), microbes, bacteria and mold spores in a room of 35m2 is reduced by 10 times after just 15 minutes of operation. Therefore, 1 hour is needed to reach the same effect in a room of 100 m2. If you want to improve the effect, then increase the operating time of the device.

Filters for air purification (HEPA filters) simply retain dust and solid particles, viruses and pathogenic bacteria on their filter elements, which must be changed periodically, while the ultraviolet air disinfection device destroys them at DNA level.

A home ionizer generates ozone. Inhalation of high concentrations of ozone leads to the destruction of lung tissue, chest pain, cough, shortness of breath and irritation of the throat. It can even lead to chronic respiratory diseases, exacerbate diseases such as asthma and bronchitis, and make people more susceptible to respiratory infections.

The UV-V100 module does not require additional operating costs; its design does not have replaceable filters and replaceable elements for replacement for the entire lamp life (lamp life of 9000 hours)

The effective life of the lamp is 9000 hours. If you use a bactericidal irradiator at home for 12 hours a day, then the lamp will last for the entire warranty period, i.e. for 2 years.

If the air purifier does not work, then you need to contact the company where you bought it, the device will be sent to a service center or factory. After the repair, the UV-V100 air disinfection module will be sent back to your address. Alternatively it is possible to directly contact the plant "Medical Education Technology" Ltd.

The UV-V100 air disinfection module can be easily integrated into an existing ventilation system, and can also be used in a newly designed ventilation system for air disinfection.

UV-V100 recirculators for air disinfection can be bought both in Bulgaria and from another country. To do this, click the "order" button and fill out the form on the website, after which you will be billed. After payment, the device will be sent to the address specified in the application.